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while they had lunch. >> we were here,qkôy many miles way from home. no one to contact or ask for help. >> the group from wings of love ministries brought cash to cover expenses, consolidate bid leaders who say they were on their way to the bank when they decided to stop for lunch. strangers and a loan from home helped get them through the their despair turned to shock when a relief. a local businessman came to their rescue. >> very something here. i have $15,000. >> we kept our hopes up and know god used him to bring this to us. thank you so much. >> in addition to that stunning gift, he treated the group to lunch at appleby's. >> i'm a news hound. i went on the web browser and saw the story. i read it. i thought someone has to help these people. >> i helped up and helped.
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this group supposed to come home monday night but adult leaders id was stolen from the van, and the biggest concern is whether they'll be able to get on the plane to make that trip home. >> a terrible crash in eastern contra costa county we first showed you here turned more traj dick tonight. a second person died. sky 7 flu above the scene you're looking at the aftermath of the commission between a big rig and another vehicle, part of it, right there. the chp says a 21-year-old woman and an 8-year-old or 9-year-old boy died. investigators say the boy was wearing his seat belt. the chp says a truck driver saw the car swerving before they hit head on. the driver appears to be okay. there is no estimate whf it
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will reopen. >> and police this video of a man he at pier 29. the man suspected as one person was hit with a skateboard. the situation lasted about three hours. and a lot of people can attest to because police closed down the embarcadero during that period of time. >> the u.s. supreme court announced today it will hear two cases which will impact gay rights in this country. justices reviewing a suit on dema. as well as prop 8 which bans gay marriage. >> as you know this is where it started. gavin newsom decided san francisco should start issuing same-sex marriage licenses or
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marriage licenses to same-sex couples. became ground zero in an nearly nine-year long legal fight. couples are getting married here. the decision overturned in 2008 when supporting prop 8's ban on gay marriage. today one half of the same-sex couple. >> you know, this isn't the first time that i have watched a couple get married talking about marriage equality in san francisco city hall. i have been waiting three years tone joy the same privilege these folks are currently enjoying. >> also this afternoon, two people were who married before the ban. >> there are over 100,000 legally married same-sex couple as cross this nationu]qhñ and thousands of more still to come, soon. >> dennis herera is arguing against prop 8. >> i am grad fid and confident
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the supreme court, now going to be taking up the civil rights issue of our time will reach the same result that the district court does d., and will find prop 8 discriminates against gay and lesbian couples here in the state of california. >> in sacramento this afternoon a spokesman is confident the high court will support the ban. >> i expect four, or five justices to up hold prop l. why? because the constitution of the united states doesn't have marriage knit. and 10th amendment says what is not in federal powers belongs to the state. >> the court could"4w5e go eithr way. today, lawyers said they'll argue before the high court that there is no justification for for discrimination we'll
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show the -- snow the decision next june. >> mark, thank you. governor newsom said the singling out of a class of people violates the basic principals of who we are as a nation. >> a statement from the gay rights group called it an exciting moment in our journey towards washington. >> and nancy pelosi predicted justice s would discard prop 8 in the dust bin of history. >> joining us now is abc 7 news legal analyst dean johnson. you've describe described this as a good day for california but not the best day. >> probably the best thing would have been if the court denied hearing prop 8. that would have meant would it have been the law within 35 days. >> how is this going to play out? when should we expect a decision? >> we don't know when cases will be argued.
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between february and april.uuñ but each will have a slot. ma means we'll probably looking at a june, or july decision. >> that is soon, a fairly fast track you talked about justice kennedy being the swing vote in this. >> the case that decides both of these is lawrence versus texas that. was a case in which he was the swing vote. >> and you anticipate the same? >> the result will apply in both of the case autos thank you. >> moving on now, businesses getting ready to arm themselves with more high tech surveillance cameras after seeing how security cameras broke open a massive fencing ring. how police busted a crime ring targeting tourists. >> there are more than a
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thousand items worth up to $2 million, mostly taken from car break ins. cell phones and cameras, expensive designer hand bags, you name it. a lot of them stolen in the8$l embarcadero. police arrested these three suspects last week, charging them with operating a massive fencing ring. some of of the 24 security cameras installed at the pier 39 garage captured images of the suspects breaking into a car. a camera shot the license plate. >> these are very high definition cameras installed over the years. and to the point where you can see gum on the sidewalk. >> in fact those cameras are now everywhere here at the wharf, always a magnet for those who pray on tourists. the cannery has perhaps the most-advanced cameras. academy of arts, the new owner
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installed 35 of them, all around the complex. and now, merchants here are considering adding more in light of the success of the garage cameras in this recent bust. >> we've been going through this process right now to make sure we are fully covered. >> the cameras are invaluable. if we have more, we probably have less crime. >> the lieutenant was involved in the operation. he said the burglars used spotters in garages, targeting people who parked their cars. here is good advice. >> if you're going park stop block as way. and hen, put your valuables in there. >> the wharf is not the only place that is planning to increase sem ti cameras. the group recently approved a pilot program to increase hd
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quality cameras there. >> need help footing a down payment on the house you want to buy? homeowner as ply for premortgage money. >> and here, they trusted a dealer to help them sell cars but a lot sits empty. the vehicles have disappeared. >> i'm spencer christian a i bit of a chill tonight. mild afternoons on the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and later tonight the tug boat helped keep pearl harbor open after a day livi
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some families in the east bay now have $20,000 available home.yqñ7ñ wells fargo hosting an event this weekend called city lift. abc 7 news is live foróq-= us in oakland with the story. >> this program focused on nine cities here in the east bay. hard hit by the crisis, there are a lot of folks who need just a little help buying a home. >> we got the money! >> glenn tailor is celebrating she qualified for 20,000s ndz down payment assistance from wells fargo bank. >> the dream has come true.
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>> dreams do come true. they do. >> wells fargo reaching out to hundreds of families trying to help them with $20,000 towards a down payment on a home. sean coleman lined up at 6:00 a.m. one of the first to find out he qualified. >> exciting day? >> yes. better than a birthday! >> would wish you best. >> not everyone who applies will qualify. applicants must have a consistent income ask strong credit history. for those who do qualify the $20,000 will being forriven if the buyer stays in the home five years. or owe prorated 20% per year of residence. >> the goal making sure we don't have people jumping in and flipping properties but that stay there. >> this family just found out they did not qualify for the down payment assistance. >> we were closer than we
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realized to you know having something we can call our own. >> we are closer. i do feel better about what is going on now, than before. 7:00 tonight ask all day tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. preregistration is closed but walk ins are welcome. there is more information on our web site, that is abc 7 in oakland, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you very much. in the south bay looks like owner of a luxury car lot made off with 20 high end vehicles. we first brought you this story last night. owners converging on sunnyvale motor cars looking for answers tonight. the lot has been nearly empty and the owner condition be found. car owners signed over their titles or pink slips when left the cars at the lot. authorities say that was a big
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mistake. giving the lot ownership of the cars. >> i they can report it stolen. >> your car? >> yes. >> a lot of them have double loans and they lost over $20,000 and $30,000. >> a mechanic says many cars were towed off the lot last friday, apparently to be sold at auction. the owner is being -- authorities are looking for the owner. a process server says she left town last month. >> there is good news for golfers in san francisco tonight. a lawsuit aimed at closing sharp park golf course has been dismissed. a court judge found the city did not violate the endangered species act allowing golf in the park. the judge relied on an opinion from u.s. fish and wildlife service found golf not likely to jeopardize the existence. the ruling ends a four year battle over the future of the
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course it now appears a man may have jumped for some reason, from the upper deck of the odotco coliseum during a raiders game. witnesses say the man jumped from the top of the west side of the stadium to the concourse below, about 30 feet. it happened during first quarter of the game.;g and last report the fan was in serious condition. police calling it an accident. >> the sounds of christmas could be heard throughout union square today. that is abc 7 news don san chess and sue hall joining in this celebrity ringing of the bells outside racy's this morning taking place every year to raise funz for salvation army services. this year's theme, rock the square, featuring a lunch concert with beatles and rolling stones cover bands. >> fun. and for a great cause, and
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wonderful weather. >> yes. >> this is just remarkable out there. >> yi. yes. sunny skies and clouds around. and then, it's cool into afternoon hours in spots. getting milder into the weekend. this is also good news. looking westward back over the bay, you can see there is lights with the holiday season on. you can get a clear view. here is a look at live doppler 7. showing little in the way of clouds around the bay area. we have some high, thin, widely scattered clouds and clear skies. and cool conditions, temperatures 55 degrees in san francisco. and san rafael. 50 in half moon bay. mid-50s in other locations around the bwn,w÷ area. these are the forecast features. chilly tonight, cold in spots. sunny weekend, milder conditions on sunday. carrying us into next week z we'll see cooler conditions
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mid week next week a chance of showers by wednesday. overnight tonight, some patches of fog in the north bay, cold conditions up north, lows dropping into mid-30s. upper 30s to low 40s and here is what's happening in the atmosphere, big ridge ataking control of the weather for the weekend. and into next week. so into afternoon hours we can expect sunny skies and mild conditions until things start to shift next week. starting overnight tonight, fog from central valley spreading northward, then spliling through the delta. some of our inland valleys will be seeing fog developing overnight. will be patchy. could@len produce visibility in spots. it will be chilly. then, tomorrow, sun burns through. we'll have a few clouds around. high temperatures in the south bay, low 60s. and highs in low 60s as well.
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redwood city, 62. on the coast 59 half moon bay, degrees, downtown, 6 is. 59 in the sunset district. north bay, we'll see highs into low 60. on the east bay, highs 63 in oakland. inland east bay, cooler but just a degree or so. 62 in livermore, near monterey bay, highs 63 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. sunny, milder on sunday and monday. highs in the mid-60s inland. upper 60s around the bay. starting to cool down gradually tuesday, wednesday, clouds gathering wednesday with a chance of showers mplík: cool weather leading us into next weekend. >> yes. >> thank you.
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>> terrific. >> still to come tonight, the dead whale fouled up the beach in malibu. >> which hollywood celebrities could be forced to pay for it. stay with us.
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san francisco school officials want the man known as america's toughest sheriff to write a letter to students after being denied the opportunity to speak with them in person. the sheriff from arizona has gained fame for making prisoners wear pink under wear and work on chain gangs. he's in san francisco for a conference and receive aid bundle of letters written in spanish from students at james lick middle school criticizing his outspoken efforts to enforce immigration laws in the phoenix area. he calls the letters hate mail. he wanted to speak with the students. >> i don't blame the kids i'm concerned about the paernts. maybe influencing kids in a wrong way he has gained fame for making inmates, as i said wear pink under wear ask his strong stand on immigration. it's been so controversial.
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>> a dead whale is drawing a lot after tension in southern california not just for sites but smell. the 40,000 pound whale is decomposing on this beach in malibu not far from homes of celebrities including barbara streisand. theas on a private beach. the state and city and los angeles county say it is not their responsibility to clean it up. the whale wash add shore on mondayikc, dekpogs kpoesing so much experts say towing it is not n option. nits pieces now.. >> it's an opportunity to learn more about this animal. all of us are heart broken another one has to be lost. >> there is concern the whale may attract sharks closer to shore. >> there is more still to come tonight. when coming back predicament facing san jose police de. you 2004 see why officers are leaving the force faster than
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they can be replaced. >> tonight the bomb scare marred hillary clinton's trip overseas. she tries to mediate tensions in syria. >> the australian djs who won't be pulling anymore .d nurse they
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san jose police officers say the department turned a corner saying the number of officers fleeing the department is growing faster than the city can train new recruits. abc 7 news brings us the latest in this saga of the incredible shrinking police force. officer tina bowles is one of six people this week signing paper work to walk away from the job at san jose police department. after 27 years, bowles is retiring with a disability and part of an unprecedented exodus. >> the environment is toxic. officers can't speak their minds about what is going on.
6:29 pm
the chief didn't listen. city hall doesn't care what he have to say. >> this former police officer retired on disability. he and the counsel majority supported the reform policies, including pay cuts, and voter approved pension reforms. >> it's not about this city and the mayor, what it's about is keeping our city afloat. dealing with a budget situation that has been a disaster and saying what are we going to do to fix it. >> police officers say the fix is a disaster and the only thing two sides can seem to agree on is that this staffing shortage here is real. the department is authorized to have more than 11017 sworn officers there are 44 new recruits in the pipeline. the union says if you add up people who have left or planned to leave, 53, it's a number gain the department
6:30 pm
can't wayne win. >> we call it voting with fee. they're walking out. we can't strike. or do job actions. only way to send a message is to leave. >> tina says no amount of recruiting will replace the decades of experiencedmç in the name of fiscal reform. >> police in northern ireland eve of a visit by secretary of state clinton. officers seized a bomb just hours before she arrived there today. a second bomb discovered in a mailbox. >> and and the u.s. supporting mediation efforts to bring about a-$ei4euxsittinn in syria. and the in the united states, mrs. clinton agreed to testify
6:31 pm
before the senate foreign relations committee about the attack in benghazi that killed chris steven asks three other americans. >> and just 24 days remain until the deadline for-to-avoid the fiscal cliff and both sides are playing hard ball. issue taxes and revenues. bush era tax cuts expire the first of the year. democrats want tochl tend them to the middle class but not the wealthy. republicans appeared to signal their willing to discuss increasing revenues but not necessarily by taxing the rich. >> there are a lot of things possible to put this on the table. none of us are going to be impossible. the president insists on this position. insisting on my way in the highway. >> democratsç& responded saying it doesn't work without raising tax autos because republicans are holding the
6:32 pm
tax cuts as they have all along, hostage to tax cuts for the wealthy. >> economists say the uncertainty about gaining steam dead in its track autos a jobs report balances out phone shall of going over that fiscal cliff this, is adding2÷, 136,000 people added to payrolls and national unemployment rate fell to 7.7%. the dow chimed 81 points. nasdaq went the opposite direction because the stock has been in free fall lately. dropping another $14 a share today, cisco no longer content to be the number one maker of internet gear. the company outlined a strategy for becoming a leader leading supplier of information technology. that is a shift to service supplier for big businesses.
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the company making oscar statues is givingw"o notice to 100 employs that 40% of the staff in chicago has been bought by a canadian firm. >> two large earthquakes struck a ring of fire today on the other side of the pacific ocean. according to the survey this earthquake rocked north island of new zealand about 200 miles of aukland occurring there about 1020 our time. no major decisions reported. about 6,000 miles north a 7.3 quake hit japan today. one measured 6.2 this, video taken after 5:00 p.m. in japan, tall buildings in
6:34 pm
tokyo swayed for several minutes but there was little damage. a warning was issued, cancelled a short time later. >> a tragic ending to what started out as a joke by two australian radio djs. a nurse trick bid djs into sharing information about the duchess of cambridge's pregnancy has dies. the hospital says the 46-year-old was the victim of a prank phone call.xw1 saladan transferred djs to kate's nurse. this morning her body was found near the hospital. it's believed to be a suicide. >> jacinta worked at the hospital for more than four years. she was an excellent nurse. and well respected and popular with all of the her colleagues. >> the prank call took place early tuesday morning and the radio personalities apologized for impersonating queen elizabeth and prince charles. now, their employee says they've been pulled off the air.
6:35 pm
>> coming up next, a little ship that could. >> a tug boat being taken out of mothballs after keeping pearl
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a very special ship that play aid key role in pearl harbor is getting special treatment in the bay area. >> that is right. >>ygky history arrived with evey old ship and in an office, suzanne is curious about them. >> i would like to know where they served, what they did. >> she can tell you how the massive uss roanoke served as an oil tanker. but it takes uss hogan to remind us size isn't everything. >> i say big in heart. >> to fully appreciate how much heart you need to go back to december 7th, 1941. pearl harbor. remember the little tug that could? hogan did.
6:39 pm
beginning in the moments of the japanese attack it moved debris and kept pearl harbor open. had the japanese managed to sink the battleship nevada the united states navy would have been more defenseless. >> chances are that this harbor would have been bat botheled up for two month autos after the war it served as a fire boat. later spent years in the mothball fleet. and now, work crews prepping for for a new home this, vessel has seen better he days but among the old salt, looks are skin deep. so at 10:48, 71 years to the minute of the pearl harbor f÷ everyone in the ship yard formed up for a flag raising by 30-year-old peter zasky. >> they say history repeats itself.
6:40 pm
this is the best way to do it. >> this is a few moments of pause after 71 years. >> if it wasn't for her, as soon as they can did, things could have gone different. you never know. >> wayne freed pan abc 7 news. >> what a story. >> spence jer next updating the accu-weather forecast. >> a bay area]7 le forced to take a tour of italy without their unde
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if you're traveling you know good advice. take your under wear in case your check in bags get lost. >> the key phrase is is usually good advice. michael finney here now with a problem solver. >> now, if you guys came to me and said michael, what should i pack in my carry on, boy say carry those things you can't
6:44 pm
to without. as you said usually good advice on this flight, that normally good advice went awry. sandy is showing us the drill. traveling widely taking a carry on with the must have items. earlier this year, on a trip to italy, things got off to a rocky start for sandy and her husband. >> they're told on the plane before we got on the plane that the overhead bins were full. check your carry on. which is what we did. >> then, what happened? >> then, we got to rome exit wasn't there. >> took took insights and sounds of italy. they bought new. luggage arrived they went to pick it up. >> we had to go to naples, pick it up. and that was probably an hour ride on the bus.
6:45 pm
and then, we had to take a cab from the airport to the train station where we were going to roevm -- rome. >> sandy put in a claim for cost. >> under wear, pajamas, a sweater, jacket, then we had to$1b+ñ buy a bus ticket to the naples airport then cab fare to the train station. >> what did she bill the airline? less than 70s itdz can't come, so i decided okay. 7 on your side is going to be my way of getting the money back. soy did contact 7 on your side. and was called back. he contacted the airlines and i got a check. >> she says it wasn't all that much. still, she had a rightful
6:46 pm
claim it wasn't that much but the principle of it. i would, fi had a problem contact you again. >> principle, money, it's all the same to us. make sure you contact us. >> she should be a bonus for being a frugal shopper. >> 70s sndz. >> yes. >> thanks. >> opening in selected cities today its hide park on hudson. it opens in san francisco next week. but we get an advanced preview now from abc 7 news on the aisle. >> what a rad trip.ñvuep >> it's 1939. the president takes summer time at his mother's home in new york. bill murray captures the popular president, apparently having flings with several women, including daisy, his cousin. the film based on daisy's
6:47 pm
qlerts found after she died. we deal with that relationship, lack of a relationship with his wife, then, a visit from king of england. >> no king ever advisited america before. >> so nice of to you come. >>ing forrive me for not getting up. >> the they are stuffy. but image about to change. >> it was just... one of those things. >> the wife organized a hot dog be served as a main dog. -- dish. >> maeb a bit more human discovering perhaps world leaders do have play. >> bill murray is charming as fdr. laura hiny should get a best actress nomination. some people may not like the pace and alsoa+q5 depiction-wykk
6:48 pm
lots of sunshine, high temperatures into low to mid-60s and here is the accu-weather forecast. milder on sunday and monday, with inland highs into mid-60s, upper 60s around the bay. we cool down on tuesday, further cooling wednesday, chance of showers wednesday, then a cool pattern taking us
6:49 pm
into the weekend. >> it is. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. let's talk about sports. baseball news. >> yes. this is the time of the year transaction goes through. last time it was scary but next time, it will be in a new uniform. no longer in
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good evening, raiders missing playoffs by one game. the question is whether the silver and black with win one more game before the end of the season. last night peyton manning lit up the raider was a victory handing oakland their sixth loss. the head coach was candid today. he and gm new coming in this was not going to be a playoff contending team z now, they've got to focus on the future. >> reggie and i talked about it and we knew what we're dealing with when we came here, and we knew that we had
6:53 pm
some issues on the roster. we want to win. i nrgs that. i want to win, now. but i'm looking at the long term future of the team. >> one bright spot is rod streeter. he led with four receptions for 100 yards and has been a solid target for carson palmer with the injuries this team faced in the wide receiver spot. and this is big. you know? i feel like i'm improving this weechblgd i want to get better, next week i'll try better. just trying to get better. >> going to be 80. >> he's happy to be in the league. >> 49ers home hosting miami. miami 5 -- 5-7 with a good
6:54 pm
defense that could present problems. the niners coming off a tough loss for rams and the coach says his team is ticked off. today, asked if being angry is a benefit. >> when you are ticked off you're going to doq(v one two f things come back ask do something about it or go cower in the corner. and shrivel up in fetal position. one of the two things is what people do. so let's do something about it. >> turns out this line drive was his last pitch thrown as a men of the oakland a's. mccarthy signed a two year deal worth about $15.5 million pending a physical which will be important given the injury he suffered. the aassumption is that he will be fine after having the operation on his skull. last season. mccarthy won 8-6 this past
6:55 pm
year. and it's a home coming for mark jackson tonight. jackson's team 5-4 on the road. one of the better teams in the east this year. and this is the way to finish strong. wide open for the corner jumperat6óç. we're talking about on fire. warriors taking a lead. curry has been a fantastic pass here. the sneaky look with ñ david lee, outstanding game. double, double. look at the hustle here to stay with it. and the finish inside. warriors win in brooklyn. that is outstanding.
6:56 pm
in one of the greatest priflrys these fights have been close and could have gone either way. so this is the fourth meeting. today was the weigh in and stair down. marquez coming in at 143 pounds. pakio at 147. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> who ever laughs first? >> yes they're thinking about the money they're making. >> join me tonight at 9:00, cable channel 13, coming up, the terrifying prank on an elevator with cameras rolling. has reality tv gone too far? >> impact the fiscal cliff is having on chiritable giving. join us at 11:00 right after 2020. >> that is all for now. w
6:57 pm
>> from all of us here, have a terrific evening.
6:58 pm
this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a non-profit assistant director of donor relations from germantown, maryland...
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...a school office clerk from rosemead, california... ...and our returning champion, a university fundraiser from astoria, new york... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- thanks, johnny. brand-new champion, noah, crowned on yesterday's program, but three contestants today -- rebecca, and noah -- who would like to earn some holiday spending money, i'm sure. so, let's go to work. the jeopardy! round is where we begin. and today we have these categories for you.

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